The Best Chili in a Can

People often debate over the best chili in a can. Some people like Campbell’s, but others say that that brand is too salty.

If a person likes sweet chili with no beans, then Hormel Chili: No Beans in a can is the way to go. It has a delicious taste, sort of like sloppy joe sauce.

If a person is camping, they can heat the chili over the fire and put it on a bun. It only needs to be lukewarm to be easy to consume on a bun.

Other people like Trader Joe’s chili in a can. Trader Joe’s is known for superior quality goods so this brand is also worth a try.

Do not get chili with meat that one does not like or beans if a person is not a fan. Also, check the sodium content to make sure that it is not the daily limit in just one serving.